Youth Declaration

Father, GOD we bombard the Heavens and the atmosphere where satan is and pulldown the spirit of Death off our Youth and release the Spirit of the LIVING, ALMIGHTY, POWERFUL GOD around, through and in our youth.

Father, GOD our youth are warriors sent into the world for such a time as this, they will live and not die to declare the WORD of the LORD!  We dispatch warriors, Link, Ministering Angels to guard, guide and protect your youth, JESUS.  

We command the Host of Heaven to go now into battle for us. The Battle is the LORDS, but make them your Battle axes. They are LOVED in Heaven and on this Earth.  Satan you take your hands off of them, The LORD rebuke you satan. 

HOLY SPIRIT send your MIGHTY presence into their rooms, to their families, friends, love ones, churches, distant relatives and Do what you do best, sickness is not their portion, they are soaked and saturated in the Blood of JESUS CHRIST, SON of the MOST HIGH GOD, they are vessels to be used right now! 


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